IO Mooncheeks

A Canadian girl with a heart of gold, Io ran into Irish at the Gorean Hub one day during a live broadcast of “Simply Irish.” Their friendship was almost instantaneous. Io joined Irish whenever she could to dance for the pleasure of it at the hub and other locations.

As a broadcaster in SL for various clubs for several years, Io found her calling by bringing “eargasms” to her listeners. With a taste for Canadian content, eclectic, and more, what Io loves most of all is to play requests. The stranger the request, the greater her satisfaction in getting that perfect tune to her listeners. Jokingly calling herself the “tongue tied DJ,” Io laughs at herself when her tongue won’t work or her “Murphyonic Field” triggers an equipment malfunction.

“We were told to make a joyful noise, not sing on key,” is her motto.

Join her Sundays at 9pm to close out your week, or as a fill-in for DJ Irish.

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