Looking for a Gorean sim to call home? A sim that aims to follow the writings of John Norman as close as possible? Then why not come and visit the Village of Sais, which is celebrating 10 GORrious years in second life. Sais is a village situated beside the Vosk River. Welcoming of all castes […]

Javik Station It’s millions of light years from Earth in the year 2018… Andrei JavikĀ operates a “comfort house” on a converted, Soviet cargo station, providing all manner of sin and debauchery to long-haul cargo pilots, miners and business travelers along deep space shipping lanes near theĀ Eisa Colony. Don’t be surprised if you see an officer […]

We sell lovely slaves with a burning desire to serve and please. If you are a Master or Mistress searching for the perfect match, or if you are a slave willing to please and want to feel the thrill of not knowing who will be your next owner, you are warmly welcome to step in […]

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