Argentum -Grand Opening

Event: Argentum -Grand Opening
Description: Hello, I am opening up a Goren Roleplay sim in Second Life, there will be a fighting tournament. I would like for the whip to come and play music and promote the sim if possible.
Start Date: May 27, 2023 2:00 pm | End Date: May 27, 2023 4:00 pm
Contact: missimani
Assigned Broadcaster: Arhyia Jewel

Argentum is a new sim that is opening in second life. I would like to kick it off with a nice fighting tournament followed by the gorean whip to help entice goreans to come and attend. We have all Head of Caste Positions open, and we will be giving the grand prize winner 10k Lindens!

Argentum’s Lore:

Argentum, the home to the silver mines, was first discovered by a mercenary resting from long travels. Upon realizing the value of the mines, he founded the city of Argentum; over the years, it has grown in riches, vital for its weight with trade, and became an ally to Ar. The mercenary, who became the administrator, who once founded the home city of Argentum, was killed. The town was left without a ruler, vulnerable to those who wished to cease it; in times of stress and in fear of the city losing its value, the high council appointed an Ubar, as many sought to wreak havoc on Argentum for its precious silver, coal, and abundance in other riches. Argentum has been ruled by the Ubar for generations, as it’s always at war.

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