Opening Act for the Gorean Brazil Dance Performance

Event: Opening Act for the Gorean Brazil Dance Performance
Description: Gorean Brazil Dance Group is performing in the City of Klima on 6/3/2023 at 12:00 PM SLT. This is a one-hour dance show performing by 9 dancers. Come and visit the City of Klima and look around at their amenities offering at Klima before the performance starts. The warrior arena, the dance stadium, the slave…
Start Date: June 3, 2023 10:00 am | End Date: June 3, 2023 12:00 pm
Contact: Klasik Marlenus
Assigned Broadcaster:

A small group of dancing girls from various Portuguese-speaking islands, each unique in their physical characteristics, in the individuality that comes from the region where each body was trained, they respond in mysteries of synchronized movements in a single line, forming this imaginary chain, which fuses them by their slave essence and passion to serve.

Come to the City of Klima and enjoy this fabulous dance performance by the Gorean Brazil Dance Group.  City of Klima, a beautiful built City in the Tahari.

NARRATOR: How about a delicious and refreshing bath after a hard day’s work under the hot Lar-Torvis ? For a moment take a deep breath and IMAGINE beautiful beasts willing to take care of not only your personal hygiene, but also lead you to the most intense relaxing pleasures! Oooh, that’s exactly what these girls bring to you all on this day, embark with GBD on this show, THERMAL BLUE at the City of Klima!!

City of Klima is looking for a dance instructor for teaching and training passionate kajirae for the Tahari Klima Dance Group.  Apply today by contacting Klasik Marlenus, the Sultan.

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