Port UA Grand Opening

Port UA Grand Opening
Event: Port UA Grand Opening
Description: Grand Opening of Port UA, Located in the Schendi Jungles BtB Gor-Free Trade Port Ran by Merchant Law and the Kailiauk Family.
Start Date: May 27, 2023 12:00 pm | End Date: May 27, 2023 4:00 pm
Contact: Alaisdair Resident
Assigned Broadcaster: Gia Ricci
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asperiche/75/149/2004

Captain Ash Kailiauk was born and raised in the Jungles of the Schendi along a section of land where the Ua River and Cartius River converge. There lies a peninsula with large stone ruins of a once great city. After the wars came to the Jungles and almost all of the Mamba people were killed and forced to become more civilized. Ash returned to the place he was born and brought forth a New City to call home.

Ash made a promise to the elders of his tribe, to his family, and to himself, that he would come back to the Ruins and rebuild them to be used as a Black Slavers Port and one of free trade. That promise has been fulfilled as he and his crew and Family have moved back down to this area and made this port, the Port Ua.

Here the Port is run by the Black Slavers League and Merchants. It is a port of trade whether it be flesh or goods. Do you have what it takes to be here and make this wild place your home with us? Beware the wilderness of the Jungles and the men who run this Port as it is not for the faint of heart. Grand Opening Saturday, May 27th @2pm SLT to 4 pm SLT. We look forward to meeting you there.

Builder: Raven (jada.avro)

Person of Interest: Ambassador/House of Kailiauk Slaver ÃŜĤ ЌÃĮĹĮÃЌ (alaisdair)

Asst Slaver for HoK: Lady Nevermore (annya.dreamscape)

Head Physician: Lunaria ЌÃĮĹĮÃǗЌ (ladylu.ravenheart)

Commander: Boogie Alejandro Aeghin (boogie.aeghin)

Lead Magistrate: Madeleine Aeghin (mallairian)

Inn Keeper: Şคฯคh ຖคilค (mone.farman)

Animal Mod:  Xander O’Dea (xanderodea)

Other Mods:


Hυηтєя UƖfнєɗηαя (aoyagiritsuka)

Teela (demonnica.fang)

Vɑeƞƞ Aƙsell (eranjaeger)

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