Second Pride – 2022

Second Pride – 2022
Event: Second Pride – 2022
Description: Second Prides annual Fund Raising Event kicking off June 3rd through June 12th! "You are Unmovable, Unstoppable and Unbreakable"
Start Date: 2022-06-03 00:00:00 | End Date: 2022-06-12 23:00:00
Contact: Lee McKay
Assigned Broadcaster: Jay Sparrowtree

Welcome to Second Pride’s 2022 Fund Raising Event in Second Life!

The 2022 Theme is “You are Unmovable, Unstoppable and Unbreakable”

Charities supported this  year are:

We can formally announce today that one of the charities we will be raising funds for during Second Pride 2022 (June 3-12) will be … ILGA EUROPE! Please help us spread the word! To find out more about this great organization, visit

You knew we were trying to lock down a second charity to support for June, and we got ’em! Because of how we work, we have to get permission from an organization before we fundraise for them, and sometimes it’s hard to get a response. We had tried with these folks a few times and slipped through the cracks, but we are now officially set up to fundraise for BROADWAY CARES/EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS! We’ve been wanting to help them out for awhile, and now we can! Donations will be evenly divided between BCEFA and ILGA-Europe!…

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