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Written by on September 23, 2017

The Gorean Whip is Gor’s most exciting internet streaming radio station, offering you more choices for your Gorean Radio needs. Catering to Gorean, Medieval, And BD/SM.  Bringing you a station of inclusion, not exclusion, With a wide range of Music, Readings from the books of Gor, Dance Competitions, Tournaments and Ceremonies. All for your Listening pleasure. Of course you can tune in right here on our website or use a number of different applications like Tunein Radio logo !

 More and more sims in Second Life are streaming the Gorean Whip Radio, and you can listen by using the media streaming play button in those sims, but if you are traveling Gor and are in a sim that does not stream us;

 To Stream on your Sim or Second Life Parcel

 1. Click on “World”

 2.  Click on “About Land”

 3.  Click on “Sound Tab”

 4.  Type: or



1. Click on “File”

2. Click on play URL

3. Type: http://goreanwhip.serverhostingcenter.com:6905

 To schedule The WHIP to broadcast YOUR next event…

(dance competition, tournament, ceremonies, grand opening, etc)

submit your request here!

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  1. StarWolff   On   December 22, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    I like Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, classical, sci-fi, parodies, country, rap, and just about any other style you can think of – With Gorean WHIP, I can hear everything, on a single station – I don’t get ‘the same thing’ over and over – I love the variety and the breadth of genres you play!

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