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Spitfire joined Second Life in February 2015, and started DJ-ing in-word in August that year. She has also been a club manager for a time, and done stints hosting events and covering for other DJs.

Spitfire is probably most notable for being a tall blue alien with pink hair and rainbow spots. You’re very unlikely to miss her in a crowd!

Spitfire loves music, and has an obscenely large personal collection of tunes. But more than that, she loves sharing her love of music with others. No genre is off-limits when Spitfire is on the air! Electronica frequently rubs shoulders with jazz, R&B, soul, rock and even classical music, with a pinch of humour here and there. Much to Spitfire’s delight and amazement, she even has a following who flock to her shows!

Spitfire has been involved in online communities of various kinds since the early 90s, but Second Life is the place where she feels most at home now, and can express herself fully. “Being able to create an avatar that is ‘me’ has been intensely liberating. I’m usually very quiet in real life, but as Spitfire I’m able to be loud and proud. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but people have overwhelmingly accepted and even welcomed me, which has helped me a lot. And people love my voice on-air! For someone who has been reluctant to speak in the past, that has probably been the biggest boost I’ve had for my confidence.”

Spitfire is now broadcasting on Gorean Whip Radio every Wednesday between 2pm and 4pm. She also has regular DJ sets in-world, Saturdays at You Must Obey, and does occasional sets Sundays at CFNM Mansion and Mondays at Xaara.

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