From: WHIP Radio| To: Those who this may concern.   Re: Radio Advertising  on The : The WHIP aka The Gorean WHIP


March 20th,2018


The Gorean Whip Radio has been on the Air now for over 8 years  and is now joined by Whippet Radio and Whip Blues Radio.  A  lot of great talent  helped this happen.


Whippet Radio, is a station fetching a wide variety of entertainment from across the world. Then there is Whip Blues, bringing the best in Chicago, Delta, Piedmont, Texas, West Coast and Indie Blues.


We have 34 Sims that play us ( The WHIP )exclusively. This does not include the many people that tune in on their own private land to The WHIP. We  have branched out  covering new events, like Sci Fi Con ( another 3 sim ) Redeux and other places about the grid,  People really like us.We have a great team to work with.


Whippet Radio is broadcast across the web, focusing on the new Sansar World, created by the who bought us Second Life. We are able to come at you live, into your car radio, computer and office. Whippet is a more PG based station.


Whip Blues bought to us by WHIP founder and friend Brett Bertolucci,is also played across the airwaves, not exclusively Second Life, but everywhere you want to tune into great blues and jazz. This station and its shows are now syndicated.


The average person listens to 1872 hours of radio and streaming music per year( *FN1), second only to TV at 2147 hours per year (*FN2). Most of our listeners are loyal due to our content, therefore they are less likely to switch channels when commercials come on.


Additional benefits of radio advertisement include flexibility and cost. The WHIP offers a low-cost, option for your advertising across the grid. We can quickly change the days and frequency for playing an ad, that is based on your feedback. We can provide listener stats at the end of the month as needed. .

The graph below will give you the cost and advantages of what to expect when you place a ad, based on your entire sim. Per mos.


Cost of Packages: The graph above are our normal rates.

   However, because of the Science Fiction Con in May we are running a special promotion.

       From  the first of April to the 1st of June, 2018 we are offering  special rates for new subscribers that just want ads, Just for you! Store, sim owners and business people!

   For 1500 l,   You will be able to get a 20-25 second ad, put on auto rotation, made especially for you!  All we need is the information. We will take care of the rest, ad copy ( unless you want us to work with your ad copy) and production  by professionals.


For 2500 L  You will get  the same as above, ad copy and production by our professionals. However what makes this different, is that you will get a 30-35 second ad placed on heavy rotation on our auto stream, and played at least 1 time each live set during our regularly scheduled shows. This means that when we are on live your ad shall be played. There will also be the opportunity to have the ad played on Whippet Radio and Blues Radio (when accepted by Dema Fairpoint and Brett Bertolluci ).


On June 1st, our normal rates will be in effect once more.  If you choose a silver or gold package , we will come to your store, and do a set there if you wish.  Unobtrusively or not, the choice is yours. There must be at least 10 days notice for this. This is because we want to match the best broadcaster to the store, sim or business, you own or manage.


Looking forward to working with you!

The World Wide Whip, domain.

Jay Sparrowtree

Owner of WHIP Radio

and Whippet Radio


Irish Breen

General Manager of WHIP Radio.


Dema Fairpoint

General Manager of Whippet Radio


Brett Bertolucci

Production Manager of WHIP Radio.

Owner of WHIP Blues Radio.


For more information, or questions please contact us at:


**FN1**According to Forbes Media and Entertainment, Business, Nov. 2017. Hugh McIntyre , author.


**FN2** According to Statistics Portal , In 2017, consumers spent an average of 2.3 hours daily using an enabled smart TV and a further 3.6 hours using an internet-connected device such as an Amazon Fire TV, an Apple TV, or Google Chromecast. This would include pod cast and music like Pandora, Spotify and Tunein.

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