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We invite you to Experience the Port City of Brundisium. This Port City is recruiting for all castes from the Noblest initiate , High Caste,Low Caste and slaves. IF you are new to Gor or have been here many moons bring your story to us , and experience the Port city of Brundisium ,The gate […]

BTB Gorean RP sim and also teaching sim for those new to Gorean RP or new to SL. Visit in World Second Life Contact Name : Anaisrider

We sell lovely slaves with a burning desire to serve and please. If you are a Master or Mistress searching for the perfect match, or if you are a slave willing to please and want to feel the thrill of not knowing who will be your next owner, you are warmly welcome to step in […]

********* The Tavern Hoppers********* Is the now Face of the Musician of Gor We are a group of Traveling Musicians, Poets and Dancers. Bringing Fun RP to Lands ((not just Gorean Sims any RP Sim that has a Tavern can join us !!)) Visit us in Second Life Check out our  Website You do not […]

September 27, 2017

Would you like to help build a City that actually role plays without endless squabbles about rules? A place where all Castes, Low and High, and slaves role play together to create a vibrant City? Port Olni, jewel of the Salerian Confederation, is a btb Gorean sim that welcomes all Castes and slaves. Come, see […]

September 27, 2017

This stunning city with some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Gor is located in the far western unexplored regions of the planet. You must visit to see all the views – they are truly breathtaking! Come and be part of a vibrant community – you’ll be glad you came! Kreg Ember, Administrator […]

September 23, 2017

The Gorean Whip is Gor’s most exciting internet streaming radio station, offering you more choices for your Gorean Radio needs. Catering to Gorean, Medieval, And BD/SM.  Bringing you a station of inclusion, not exclusion, With a wide range of Music, Readings from the books of Gor, Dance Competitions, Tournaments and Ceremonies. All for your Listening […]

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