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House of Kailiauk

Entered on: May 31, 2022 | By: admin
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House of Kailiauk is meant for casual RP Adult Norse/viking themed with Tournaments, Events. G&S...

***House of Kailiauk ((Viking Themed RP, Farm & Housing)***

This region is meant for casual RP Adult Norse/viking themed with Tournaments, Events. G&S farming Community involvement.

Often depicted as bloodthirsty pagans and rage-fueled barbarians the Lands of the Norse Dragons are. Masters of the sea, traders, explorers, raiders, and conquerors, These Norse people were a force to be reckoned with in the early Middle Ages. An early European version of the noble savage myth grows.

The complexity of their polytheistic religions, the richness of their myths inspired numerous travelers to seek out these lands over the centuries.

The history & chronicles tell tales of witchcraft and treason conquest and fate. Where a Morrish Adventurer became the Jarl. A woman of the far east might be a witch and gentle farmer just might have the soul of a warrior.
Trade flourishes, Tournaments are now held. The land and Sea bring in its abundance. What will your own adventurer bring?

Region Admins ʍǟɖǟʍɛ ɢʏʀɛ (Gyrefalconn)

Moderating rp:- this will only apply if there is OOC cause the rest of it… you are all adults Settle it by yourselves through RP. if you need to take a break do it.

Rental managers – Gyre & Nevermore

METERS: Are only used at Tournaments very limited. We do not Wear Meters to RP if you have a RP combat situation please use Emote combat etiquette and nice.
Please use attempted to.. etc… no called Shots EVER.

• We expect those who enter to know the basics of Role Play. Players should understand the difference between IC (In Character) and OOC (Out Of Character) and behave accordingly.
• Be aware that this is a privately owned region. We have the right to eject and/or ban ANY player at ANY time for any reason. If we feel that their behavior is harmful to the Region, we will act immediately.
• All players will be treated with respect and as equals OOC. Please Respect one another no matter their chosen roles Serf to Lord or lady.

This is Casual RP region and therefore there might be many instances that someone is not role playing but might be walking around seeing the sites. please be friendly and helpful. Think of it as our guests. If you went to a historian reenactment Site you would answer their questions. Perhaps explain a farm process, teach or learn. Etc.
This is an Adult RP Sim please keep this in mind before you continue on into active role-play. Thank you

You may see obscene acts of death, torture, dismemberment, gory slaughterings, there are D/S scenarios and much, much more Or you might just see casual farm life & trade a lively song in the Great hall or a nice swig of Ale in the small towns tavern.
It is Based on the Events, the commerce, trade, strategies, A Person’s word is their bond.

Tournaments- Tuna Fishing, Farming, *Warrior games… such as Jousting, Melee & Archery. Settle a dispute via combat if you wish…
(weekly & monthly scheduling will apply)
*Fun Dances and Hall Nights
* Bards Corner
*Market days- sell your wares

• Only Adult characters are permitted to play here, NO CHILD AVATARS!
• Your AVI must have fully developed ADULT features.(Child like appearances will be decided at the discretion of a Moderator. They will work with you to make the necessary and most acceptable adjustments.) If you refuse, you will be ejected & banned. We dont care how tall you are!!!
• Avatars must be at least 30 days old to RP
• Avatars MUST be dressed in proper Medieval attire if actively Rping.
• Role-players may be any sexual preference they wish, there are same sex relationships. There are Poly relationships etc…. fill in your imagination.
• Avatars may be any gender they wish as a typist as long as they play the role of the selected gender. it is up to individual preference of the role-player to decide if they wish to know the typists gender not this administration.
• There will be no CARTOON, ROBOT, Tentacle Monsters, etc.
Unless it is thusly used for an OOC event.

• Animals are subject to the 60 min RP requirement before they are killed.
(Even they deserve RP.)
• Animal avatars are some Typists preferred form of character.
• Animals must be pre-approved to fit within the theme of the region.