The Music Queen

Role(s): Broadcaster, General Manager
Nick Name: Irish Breen
Date Joined:
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Brief About: I am the General Manager of The Gorean Whip and General Manager of Whippet.

Irish Breen, The Music Queen.
Genral Manager of The Gorean Whip
General Manager of Whippet.

I started Dj’ing online in 2003. Finally in 2008, I ended up in Second Life. In 2009 my fate was sealed when I started Djing for The Gorean Whip. Under the name Driving With D.U.I.
I am scheduled to Dj on Friday nights and Saturday nights, but I am always grabbing the stream and jammin out with all of you, because I love to share my views and music! MY passion is to share music with the world! Sometimes I share my whiskey too! You never know what your going to get when you tune into my shows. Really.. I dont even know sometimes. So stay tuned.. its always a wild ride with the reigning Queen Of Music!

Vivat Regina Musicae!