White Water

Written by on December 20, 2018

White Water

Less than a hand of pasangs from the spreading branches of three rivers, the mighty Vosk, the meandering Olni and the south reaching Veri, the small city of White Water is coming to life again in the strong hands of Hakon Vegard Cage and his family. Having received the once-thriving garrison city in recognition of his meritorious service as a Rarius of Gor, White Water and its associated lands are being brought out of disrepair of its most recent past as it fell into non-use and re-purposing by local passers-by.

In only a few hands time, Hakon’s family had set to work creating out of the rubble and resources of the land, a fresh new small Gorean city ready to welcome travelers, traders and settlers alike. Though very much a BtB Gorean city, White Water has developed some new customs of their own in accordance with the will of the local Free. By the auspicious location of White Water, trade from all regions of Gor is expected to be brisk and plentiful. Panthers have been sighted in the area, along with tradespeople from Northern and Southern regions daily arriving in search of wares from the furthest reaches of Gor.

With rich farmlands attached to support the city’s needs, food and fresh water are in plentiful supply. The tavern is well stocked with mead from coldest Torvaldsland and sweet wines from the hills of Cos. Paga and ale and fresh ka-la-na wine flow as the slave girls burn the sands for the pleasure of the Free. The Inn at White Water boasts comfortable accommodations for visiting Freemen and their slaves. The city baths include all that the Free could desire for their health and pleasure needs. Body services available from well-trained slaves if the city’s visitors have need.

With the city’s intimate size and all-Goreans welcome nature, the City of White Water’s rules on hairstyles and veiling are relaxed by the larger city territory’s standards. Yet, the comfortable and cooperative design of the City’s citizenry provides a strong, BtB Gorean experience of fine service, lucrative trade options and everyday Gorean life. Provisioning is gladly provided, the land supported by zCs commerce and a strong Militia presence to protect from impinging outlaw attacks, if they come in time.

The City of White Water welcomes you! See you there!

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