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Rises up through the thick fog of the boarder between Northern woods and the bitter cold Torvaldsland , stands a Isle as the fog lifts and becomes vapor. Port Hulnet comes into view. Were the old ways are still a way of life.Calling Jarls, Northern women, bonds and thralls. Be part of a the old […]

Nestled in the foothills of the Ven Highlands, a long beaten city has been rescued and rebuilt. The city is known for its intimate beauty, peace and tranquility. Exporting not only medicinal salves and herbs, but also its Sa-Tarna grain that produces much of the flour exported around Gor. The people are friendly and welcoming […]

The Hold of Axe Fjord, BTB Gor, adult, Gorean, roleplay, Torvaldsland, Jarl, warrior, combat, raid

Drakes Landing Viking and Torvie builds. On my land you will find all of my buildings, Gatchas and other items so that you can see the quality of my work for yourself. Gor, Viking, Torvie, Torvaldsland Visit In World:

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The Musician of Gor group is recruiting !! We are a group of Traveling Entertainers coming to a land near you. Got Talent then show it … join us !! The Caravan stops are part of this group, we also do other events throughout the year. Its a Fun Role Play and the Events are […]

The CBO outlaws in Gor were world renowned for their kidnapping skills and escapades in GOR. . The KURRI learned of them one day They and a large clan or mercinaries worked hand in hand to attack and capture the outlaw gang. Many died in the fight, but in the end, the Cliff Bottom Outlaws […]

In the closest city to the Sardar mountains, Esalinus, almost a year ago, a small group of people got the idea to breathe new life into the fallen city. Their mission at Esalinus was to stay as close and true to the books as one can within this world. The inhabitants of this calm place […]

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