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On Gor, the Priest Kings are almost infallible…the Kur however are not, or at least the equipment they use is certainly not. During one expedition to gather more inhabitants from Earth, a combination of solar flares and an inexperienced operator on the ship combined to create a major gathering. Instead of the usual 1 or 2 people, the operator somehow managed to collect a whole village…and we mean a whole village. Off course by thousands of miles, without knowing it, the buttons were pressed and the ‘harvesting’ began.

Lights flashed, alarms sounded and in a panic, the young Kur pressed everything in sight on the panel.

The result was that a whole village, from the South Seas on Earth was collected. Not wanting to be demoted, the Kur kept quiet on the matter and the ship returned to Gor. During the ‘delivery procedure’, the youngster placed a few humans at the official point and sent the remaining folk to an island far to the south east of Gor, much to the surprise of the people.

Once the initial shock had passed, they explored their new home and found it almost identical in flora and fauna to what they had just left behind on Earth. Rich in fruits and edible plants, animals and bountiful waters, the people named their new home Bellezza.

Generally peaceful in nature, they built homes within a deep volcano like mountain, to hide their existence from any passing ships and wayfarers. They tried to carry on their lives much as they had on Earth, their traditions, fighting skills and such like.

Bellezza, the land of the Emerald Mask, is rich in fruits, edible plants and fish from the crystal clear waters in and surrounding the island. Thick bamboo like forests were mainly cleared to build with. Eventually the land was found by travelers and trade began, though the Bellezzans keep their culture alive and their traditions carry on to this day, the sound of drums echo through the land along with laughter as they live their day to day lives.

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