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City of Besnit

On the edge of the woods of Clearchus,it is a small city within a hundred passangs of Esalinus and Harfax. An ally of Harfax, Besnit does not upkeep it’s roads in order to isolate itself. It is next to impossible to reach the city in the spring due to the rains. Set between the roads of Clearchus and Cyprianus woods and southwest of the City of Harfax, also east of the City of Esalinus.
~Vagabonds of Gor page 273~

Welcome to Besnit. The IC laws and OOC sim rules are attached – please read them before TPing down, as you are presumed to intend RPing once you land on the ground below.

Besnit is a BTB City. All roleplay within these two sims (Besnit and Besnit North) are expected to be as close to the books as we can get. Please keep that in mind when roleplaying in Besnit.

You must have a zCS meter to be here.

Please Note – Visitors from another culture in a Gorean city, if accepted within her walls at all, would be expected to conform to Besnit’s standards, customs and traditions of the Southern City of Besnit. In other words, though your heritage may be of another culture while within the City of Besnit you would bend to our customs, not us to yours. If you chose the City of Besnit to be your home you have agreed to follow the traditions, customs and lifestyle of this Southern BTB City of Besnit.

Important Note: We try to keep lag low. This works best if every one reduces the scripts on their avatar. If you need help getting your scripts to 50 or below, ask us, and we’ll be happy to help. If you are raiding and you
are over 50 scripts you are subject to being ejected. This is your only warning.

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