The CBO outlaws in Gor were world renowned for their kidnapping skills and escapades in GOR. . The KURRI learned of them one day They and a large clan or mercinaries worked hand in hand to attack and capture the outlaw gang. Many died in the fight, but in the end, the Cliff Bottom Outlaws […]

Valkyrie Forest is a Norse themed world shrouded in spires of jade-hued pine… a place of snow-clad, glacier peaks and waterfalls, clear cold meandering streams, and long forgotten standing Runestones. You have journeyed far north into the Northern Forest and are close to the border of Torvaldsland… This is Valkyrie Forest, an upper region of […]

Greetings visitors and villagers! We hope you enjoy the beauty of our small village. We are located on the Thassa Cartius river near the Treasure Road, south of Lake Ias. Look for the red dot on the map at the landing area. We are not associated with any city nor do we follow their rules. […]

The village of Thorsvik and The Tuchuk Wagon Camp is a unique place to be. We offer two very different sims, with two very different types of roleplay. The special thing about these places is the both of the them are seperated. Neither one is connected to the other in character. You have your choice […]

In the closest city to the Sardar mountains, Esalinus, almost a year ago, a small group of people got the idea to breathe new life into the fallen city. Their mission at Esalinus was to stay as close and true to the books as one can within this world. The inhabitants of this calm place […]

The Tor-Tu-Gor Caravan (Meaning Light Upon Gor) We have a small Caravan HQ at the Kataii Camp.. This is for Caravan meetings and for Entertainers to come and practice. The Camp is right outside the Side Gates of Turia and in back of the Katatii Camp. Note all Merchants and Entertainers must asked permission from […]

We sell lovely slaves with a burning desire to serve and please. If you are a Master or Mistress searching for the perfect match, or if you are a slave willing to please and want to feel the thrill of not knowing who will be your next owner, you are warmly welcome to step in […]

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