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The Jade Plains is an immersive, non-combat, Gorean roleplay location with themed attractions and a growing community. The Stormshadow Academy offers a unique roleplay opportunity for slaves to learn traditional services and approaches to serving in bars throughout Gor. They can use these skills anywhere or put them to the test at the local tavern, […]

On Gor, the Priest Kings are almost infallible…the Kur however are not, or at least the equipment they use is certainly not. During one expedition to gather more inhabitants from Earth, a combination of solar flares and an inexperienced operator on the ship combined to create a major gathering. Instead of the usual 1 or […]

On the edge of the woods of Clearchus,it is a small city within a hundred passangs of Esalinus and Harfax. An ally of Harfax, Besnit does not upkeep it’s roads in order to isolate itself. It is next to impossible to reach the city in the spring due to the rains. Set between the roads […]

The Hidden City of Treve, Tarn of the Voltai, expands its span of control and plunder, exploiting Ar’s weakness following the Cosian War. Treve recently infiltrated the Village of Minus and installed a puppet government of men sworn to Treve, thus establishing a beachhead south of the incomparable Vosk River. Come to Treve and Minus […]

The history of Club Vet Club Vet was originally started in December of 2012. The club was designed to give something back to the US veterans for their sacrifice for our country. At that time the primary charity monies where raised for was the Wounded Warrior Project. It was started with bringing in talented DJ’s […]

Welcome to Javik Station It’s 2018, millions of miles from Earth, on a distant, tropical moon… High above the colonies of Gaga-Rin and Eisa. Andrei Javik operates a “comfort house” on a converted, Soviet cargo station, providing all manner of sin and debauchery to pilots, business travelers, and space tourists. Offering three lavish floors of exotic pleasure, Andrei caters to […]

Come to the Gorean home stone of Genesian Port!! On earth, Mont St Michaels in Normandy France was constructed between the earth years of 700-1300 A.D., and stands as THE most outstanding monument to Norman architecture in existence anywhere. So who were these Normans? They were not Gauls – the modern day French, although they […]

Ko Ro Ba affectionately known as The Towers of The Morning, is home to a library, a tavern, a market of elite vendors, an arena for tournaments, and some of the best Gorean dancers in SL. Second only to Ar as the longest running Gorean City on SL and under one Ubar, This amazing site […]

Looking for a Gorean sim to call home? A sim that aims to follow the writings of John Norman as close as possible? Then why not come and visit the Village of Sais, which is celebrating 10 GORrious years in second life. Sais is a village situated beside the Vosk River. Welcoming of all castes […]

What is Tor? The exoticism and mysticism of Tahari in Tor Tor offers to anyone who wants to play “old school” a place to enjoy Gor. The men will be men, the slaves, slaves and the FW, may wear poofy dresses and carry a dagger… (even if we would like a more Arab approach to […]

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