City of Tor

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What is Tor?

The exoticism and mysticism of Tahari in Tor

Tor offers to anyone who wants to play “old school” a place to enjoy Gor. The men will be men, the slaves, slaves and the FW, may wear poofy dresses and carry a dagger… (even if we would like a more Arab approach to the dress code … we know that females are females). We won’t play capture and release, we have built a Gorean community in the Gorean society.

You emerge from the Sands and these sights fill Your eyes. Clusters of people going about their day. Brightly colored robes of the various castes kiss your eyes. Your senses are alive. A slave girl runs by chased by a few others with a switch, spanking her bare bottom as they go along. There are cheers from the tavern, a slut has just fallen to the floor before the free men …
What is this wonderful place? Full of sounds, sights, tastes, smells, making your body come alive

You are in Tor.

How can you not want to be apart of this wondrous and grand city? Its simple to take part in our extraordinary home. All are welcome!

Panthers are not allowed inside the city, unless they are traders.

No weak men, they will be collared or killed.

No pushy, bossy, mouthy FW, they will be collared or killed. A Torean FW is a mild Lady, knowing of her position in the community. They are not men. Remember, Gor is a Man’s world.

No princess slaves, they will just be kicked all the way to the Tahari border and the sleens will take care of them. Killed they will feed on them.

We do not pretend to be “btb”. We are just Gorean, and Gor has strict ways. Simply Gorean or “Old School”. “Tarl Cabot” has never heard of any ‘books’ nor we do we consider the books to be bibles. They are just hints to a Gorean way of life and a culture philosophy. You make your interpretations (or follow others interpretations, if you do not know enough). The Norman’s books are no more than the biggest set of rules to a game and all is resumed at the “Gorean Law”. Those we follow.

WE are “nice people” as long our patience is not tested. Tor is one of the nicest cities in Gor and nowadays, one of the oldest Gorean cities existing in SL. You can be sure that we are strict Goreans. Do not play at confrontation. We follow those laws and book hints as closely as possible. Be conscientious that Gor is not a democracy even if in Tor we have this way of listen before decide. But there is one that decides …the Vizier of these lands and sands around.

Be Gorean as much you can and know. If you do not want to play or RP, then use an OBSERVER’S tag to safely be in the city.

Our recruiting has a screening process. Tor is to all but not all are to Tor, no matter if Free or slaves. We welcome willing ones and we draw for Gorean quality, not quantity. Gamers – as such – are not so welcome in Tor as we like to feel Gor in each and everyone. This place is not an extension to Warcraft.or other similar games. We are what we are and basically we are Goreans.

The rules are for all, Free or slaves and are to be followed. There are no exceptions.

Free do not have to abandon the city without a word or slaves don’t need to runaway … that is the lowest one can go … cowards those are. Do face your wish and decision and talk to the ones responsible communicating your decision (with or without reasons). No one wants you by force here in Tor. If you want to go and play somewhere else. Talk to us first; do not fall under the worse of the human nature … run hiding and in shame.

We don’t cave to traffic; In Tor we do not kill or die for it … we are what we are, we have what we have but so far we just can’t complain. The Priest Kings have been good to us <smiles>. And all what we are is due to our people. Not one person, not this one or that one but all together.

We are not entertainers either. That “15 minutes and no RP, I’m gone” is taken seriously. Generally we let those 15 minutes go by. So save yourself troubles and if you do not intend to stay and play nicely, just be off. Each here has the opportunity to build/create his/hers story/plot..

Tor is on the Tahari so Taharians we are and live alike. We honor the desert hospitality laws and live by them but do not challenge the good will and open arms nature or we will quench our scimitars’ thirst with your blood.

Tor has one of the most complete Gorean Libraries (with over 3,000 scrolls about Gor and in several languages). Also the most complete Greens facilities (a complete Clinic) and a well known Academy for the Greens that has been preparing the best Physicians of Gor.

Try our Arena to spar, train, tournys, etc.

There are several serving areas where our slaves will be pleased to kneel to serve you fully. But Tor is not an open bordello. Our girls are here to please under the Gorean ways but do not come thinking to have a “quickly” lay just because you order it. No proper RP and there will be no supper.

As Taharians we defend our people and our water without limits. Do not challenge our property or you will feel the sands at your neck and the ants eating you from the bottom up. Thieves get their hands cut off, period. We keep our scimitars well sharpened.


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