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Written by on March 14, 2019

Club Vet

The history of Club Vet
Club Vet was originally started in December of 2012. The club was designed to give something back to the US veterans for their sacrifice for our country. At that time the primary charity monies where raised for was the Wounded Warrior Project. It was started with bringing in talented DJ’s and artists. Some of the artists were Jimmt49 Dukes, Frets Nirvana, Anek Fuchs, and Wolfe Moonshadow. Most of the artists continued with the Club for a couple of years. Initially the club had a memorial section shops and a small area for the DJ events. It also encompassed a coliseum for the live concerts.

n 2013 the club itself closed but we took things on the road with the club Vet USA road show. This lasted for a number of months until support for the wounded warrior project significantly diminished. Club Vet closed its doors late in 2013. At one time the group had over 900 members. Even today it has well over 200 members in it after being closed over 2 years. We like to think we were a significant help to that charity.
Guess what we are back!

On Saturday July 23 we kicked of a pre-opening concert at Valor with Honor sim. It was well received we had over 68 avi’s and made $30k lindens for home for our troops. On July 30th the club vet area sim will reopen with an extravaganza weekend. The sim which is sponsored by Legion of Vets MC includes fishing, jet skiing, motorcycle roads, scenic areas as well as a USO type facility for vets of all Nations. That’s right Club Vet is going international we will be having support mechanisms for all vets in need, your favorite charity’s as well as a great deal of concerts on sight and off site. We welcome your presence to help support these endeavors.

The club vet Board of Directors

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