Sardar Fair March 16 – March 17

Event info
Date: March 16, 2019
Time: 12:00 am

Come join us at the Fair and if your City , Town , or Group has not gotten a Camp yet there are some spots left !!

Also we still need Merchant !! So grab a Stall in the Merchant area and show off your Goods
No Coins just good old fashion RP !!!
Be Creative and Have Fun *smiles

For the FW Game of Favor the Basket given with the rules are at the Landing Area of the Fair look for the Pink Box

Any Gorean Artist out there ? if so I would like to have a Art display for the whole week of the Fair…please IM me. Show off your work !!
During the Week I am asking our Musician to come and play and Poets to recite.

Check out the Games in the Tavern we have the Gorean Truth or Dare Game and near the Market place Lets play Stones

Try you hand at Drum playing while I have the Elven Drums set up near the Seer Tents.
With a dance rug in the middle *smiles.

* PS:There will be Kaissa and Zar tournaments are underway all Month, and details are on the signs posted by the Kaissa and Zar boards.

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