Genesian Port

Written by on March 14, 2019

Genesian Port

Come to the Gorean home stone of Genesian Port!!

On earth, Mont St Michaels in Normandy France was constructed between the earth years of 700-1300 A.D., and stands as THE most outstanding monument to Norman architecture in existence anywhere. So who were these Normans? They were not Gauls – the modern day French, although they did speak the language. No, they were Nordic invaders – conquerors that decided to settle the northern coast of modern day France. In fact NORMANDY means “men of the North.”

What better inspiration is there for the architecture of the City of Genesian Port than this magnificent earth landmark? Especially true for Torvaldslanders who find themselves partial to the warm trade winds and clear waters clear waters south of the Vosk.

Genesian Port – whose vertical construction is inspired by Mont St Michaels, is one of the most beautiful and elegantly crafted port cities in all of Gor. Come visit one of SL Gor’s most vibrant cities. Genesian Port. Forever BtB in the spirit of John Norman.

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