Jade Plains

Written by on March 26, 2019

Jade Isle Seal

The Jade Plains is an immersive, non-combat, Gorean roleplay location with themed attractions and a growing community. The Stormshadow Academy offers a unique roleplay opportunity for slaves to learn traditional services and approaches to serving in bars throughout Gor. They can use these skills anywhere or put them to the test at the local tavern, “The Fickle Bitch” Other activities can be found at Club Blood Claw, where music and events for guests and locals alike. The Blood Claw is the best place to catch the Gorean Whip dj’s rocking their tunes.

The location enjoys the use of the G&S system and holds farming classes for who have a green thumb and wish to experience the immersion. Those guests who seek more action can hone their skills in our arena against the automated combatant there.

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