Javik Station

Written by on March 14, 2019

Javik Station

Gaga-Rin Colony

Welcome to Javik Station

It’s 2018, millions of miles from Earth, on a distant, tropical moon…

High above the colonies of Gaga-Rin and EisaAndrei Javik operates a “comfort house” on a converted, Soviet cargo station, providing all manner of sin and debauchery to pilots, business travelers, and space tourists.

Offering three lavish floors of exotic pleasure, Andrei caters to every whim and desire: lounges, bars, baths, and private rooms where customers enjoy his exclusive Javik Units

Built for endurance and programmed for satisfaction, these units will tantalize, arouse and deliver!

But it’s not all ecstacy and delight…

Andrei Javik is a notorious profiteer; preying on hapless travelers trying to start life anew on the edge of unexplored space.

Far below, on the moon’s surface, the colony of Gaga-Rin serves as a dumping ground for Eisa’s outcasts: thieves, smugglers, holdout colonists from the Soviet era; and their army of android servants.

And not far away, the main settlement of Eisa, the showcase of a dazzling future world shared by robot and man, where its citizens live under the iron fist of the mega-corporation Nanite Systems, crushing all resistors to its march towards a Better Today

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