Kidnap City

Written by on October 6, 2019

The CBO outlaws in Gor were world renowned for their kidnapping skills and escapades in GOR. .

The KURRI learned of them one day They and a large clan or mercinaries worked hand in hand to attack and capture the outlaw gang. Many died in the fight, but in the end, the Cliff Bottom Outlaws (CBO) were dragged, bloody and broken into a KURRI space ship. Explosive chips were planted in their heads, and they were brought to Earth, and forced into service of the Kurri. Their mission was to kidnap barbarians (earthlings) and get them to Gor for the benefit of the Kurri. Some Barbarians were sold for profit and some were siphoned of the top of the barbarian pile for Kurri food.

The CBO, were brought to future earth, somewhere in the far east. The city was corrupt. The CBO were shrewd to capitalize. The name of the city…..KIDNAP CITY

The Priest Kings, looking for balance also sent their people to Kidnap City to disrupt the flow of barbarians, and to intercept the “cargo” in the name of their own cause. The result in Kidnap City = Total chaos. Welcome to hell!



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