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Written by on March 27, 2019

Kittycat’s Creations makes many things: mostly drinks and decanters of all types With a collection of well over two thousand drinks, we may have just what your looking for….be it a fine wine, a wonderful cognac or even fermented mares milk…

We have finally bit the bullet so to speak. Kitty built her first gacha machine. Its for Halloween and this is the sign texture for it:.

We will, I expect, be making many more. I would love to see any suggestions you have for gachas. Vasa has also built his first gacha machine

We also have a new concept in drink dispensers…..gads we suck at naming tho. We named it ‘resing decanters’ tho we have used that name or something close before. These truely are resing decanters though. They are not wearable though. And they can be very very low prim.

What you touch the tray or decanter and it offers you a menu of drinks. You choose the drink, and that drink temp res’s on the tray. You click on the drink and it gives you a matching drink and the one on the tray vanishes. It will dispense unlimited drinks and if you want a special menu of drinks, contact Kitty to choose your drinks. Up to about 300 drinks can be put in any one decanter. Beyond that and it gets very slow.

We are also making just coasters that res so that you can have them sit on any bar.

We make custom drink trays. These trays will res and dispense only the drinks that the server (wearer) says they should dispense..and nothing else. Finally a tray that makes sense..instead of a menu when you click on it, you get the drink..and the server gets the menu!

We also make the same trays for sale ..and on some of them, the drinks emote..on others..they do not…and in can throw the drinks too. We also spellfire script some of them for both damage and food.

Here is the current menus of drinks available (tho you know it will increase with time and not every drink is listed on it..only those in menus). We are currently at close to 3,000 scripted drinks for decanters. with over 2,400 of them listed in the Magnum Dispensers List. I have split these up into various menus and the lists are at the bottom of this notecard

Our latest adventure in building has been into the gacha market and we have some wonderful gacha sets so far.

We make bars, barrels, kegs, glasses, crystal decanters, wine bottles and some things you would never think could dispense drinks. We are in the process of redoing all our barrels as mesh…the land impact change is in some cases not that great..from 3 prims to 1 ..but in the case of Odin’s barrels, it goes from 18 prims to 1…pretty cool. We are now using a drink script that uses folks display names instead of their avatar names for emotes as well.

We make wearable trays like the one in the picture here, and ones with other serving poses as well. including the gorean nadu pose.

We make unique and different drinks … some of which are very unique. like the Mudders’ Milk, and Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster as well as over 40 different kinds of paga and over a hundred different kinds of beer.

(we know it isn’t ‘by the book’ but it sure is fun…and pretty too)

TEA? do you ask? Do we have TEA? We have tea comin out the gunnels. We have over a hundred different kinds of tea and tons of different coffee as well. And we won’t even talk about the hot chocolate, sodas and milkshakes, oh my!

  • everything required to perform the Japanese Tea Ceremony

Want some fantasy drinks? Maybe Wheel of Time? or Star Trek? Blood and Gore? Legion of Super Heroes? Legion of Doom? Cthulhu? Tiny Empires? We got them or we will make them if we don’t have them.

We have some bota’s you can wear to serve drinks from…and can make more if you want something specific.

What about a wearable flask? We have over 30 different kinds of flasks and horns for you to choose from!

We do a ton of research on our drinks. and nowhere is that more evident than in the historically accurate drinks we make. Want to drink the same drinks the Pharaoh’s drank? We have Nedjem and Pekha. Want to drink what Caesar drank? We have Mulsum and Calda. Vintage Absinthe? We got a dozen. Vintage Sake? Turkish? Maybe your taste runs to Orgeat and Wassail? The wild west? Pirates? Norse? Assyrian? Moonshine? We got them all.

All of our decanters give way samples of our drinks, and we have mania boards out at both of our locations. Come and sample from our amazing stock….the latest addition to our drinks is an amazing decanter that dispenses wines of the zodiac. come get your own wearable glass with the symbol of your zodiac sign in the stem.

We have a line of Xcite scripted drinks in decanters and they also give out samples. We also have a couple of barrels that you can be tied to….that are Xcite scripted.

If we do not have the drink your looking for…we will gladly make it for you. If you want the complete list of drinks we have, Kitty will drop that on you too. but fair warning. it’s over a thousand drinks long.

We also have a line of texture changing fireplaces and carpets, and some amazing druidic altars, as well as satyr avatars.

In addition, we do textures, sculpties, and mesh and sell textures in either boxes or by single texture selections. Single textures are usually 15L and are available in Jeonbuk as well as USC textures

Also make sure to check out Kitty’s partners’ fine shops:

JQB Custom Scripting provides custom scripts of all kinds – plus prepackaged scripts for texture/color/attribute changing, building, photography, product vending, magic mirror, tip jar, just to name a few, and most come in personal and builders versions. We make all the scripts that make Kitty’s barrels dance.

Satyr Studios – Legends speak of fae who take humans and ‘spirit’ them away. Whether you use your changeling for comradeship, protection or pleasure, Satyr Studios has a unique line of training aides that are both elegant and functional. We put a touch of magic in any dungeon

Kittycat Ninetails
JohnQ Ballyhoo
Vasa Vella

My marketplace shop is at :

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