Geoffrey Steuart / Broadcaster

Second Life / Internet DJ Experience : I began DJing in SL in 2007 back when you had to buy a stream direct from Spatial Audio. Became the top Classic Rock DJ in SL rocking places like Lucifers, Muddy’s, Big Daddy’s, Wet Willies. Then I expanded into pioneering tribute bands, introducing ZZ Top, Skynyrd and Aerosmith into virtual reality. Then I expanded further, this time into Live Singing and appeared at the “Burn, Burn 2.0, SLB 12, 13, 14, 15 before retirement last year to return to college. I have streamed over 2,500 hours in Second Life before I ventured out into RL as a Karaoke (KJ) and Music DJ since 2010. I used SAM and hold over 150,000 mp3’s and now prefer to do my Classic Rock shows in SL playing vinyl from my album collection and people LOVE it as do I.

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