Irish Breen / General Manager / Broadcaster / Human Resources

          Irish Breen has been a broadcaster for The WHIP since 2010.
          Besides Jay Sparrowtree she is one of the longest running broadcasters on The Whip.
        She is also head of Human Relations and a Manager as well. If you have questions or problems, feel free to contact her. There are also forms for this on our web page. Please note card her as well. If she cant help, she will find someone that can!
           With a mix of eclectic music, She has been able to accomplish many things. Bringing people a good time , making them smile and just plain having fun, is a priority. in her broadcasting shows.
          She lost her mother to cancer in 2014, that year she was able to raise over 500 US towards the cure. its was very special to her that people cared enough for her to help out with this. One of her favorite things to have done, is the Second Life Birthday Party’s since 2012. ” I am amazed at the people and the amazing things I have seen at the SLB’s! ” Second Life has always been a huge part of her life. Not because she is into ‘toons” ( although she does have a shopping habit,) “the amount of people I have met around the world, boggles my mind. We are living in the Star Trek ( original shows circ 1960’s and 70″ ) generation .this has made a change across the world! People care. We are a global community!” .
          You can find her on The WHIP most everyday. Her usual spot is Saturday Nights at the Gorean HUB. from 8 pm – 12 or longer. Just look for the dancers !

*Simply Irish* is Irish Breen’s Show …although she is far from a simple girl! We suggest you give her room when her show hits the air waves…destination unknown…Mixes, MashUps and Everything Else In-Between!

Tune In: Saturdays 8 pm to Midnight,  and all other times by request and need.

Irish Breen on Second Life

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