Joshuua Barenhaut / Broadcaster / Website Design

So what to say about myself. Well I have been in Second Life since 08 and have ran multiple businesses in this virtual world. By far my baby has been PoD. It started as a little auction on a homestead and with a lot of help has become the number one auction in Second Life. I manage about 20 staff, and large amounts of traffic thru my sim each day. I started Djing in mid 2016 and fell in love with getting wild and crazy over the air. Then in august of 2017 I did a show off my own sim for the very first time, and was approached by one of the talent scouts from the WHIP. I mulled it over a couple of weeks, and decided I would join the team.

I have a background in computer technologies, graphic design, and web development. But I LOVE music and since I never really had the talent to play music, here I am broadcasting it over the airwaves. The only genres I really don’t care for are country, and rap. My preferred music to listen to is rock leaning to the heavier side of that genre, although I do like classic, alternative, grunge, you name it. I also love techno particularly the melodic stuff.

Part of the reason I got into broadcasting is that I was in a bad car accident back in October of 2014 which has left me disabled. So with much time on my hands I had to find new things to keep me occupied. I keep busy with my activities at PoD, broadcasting, Board Games with my family and friends and Second Life in general.

My show “The Pit” is all about heavy classic and modern rock. Distortion and heavy sound is a must. Killer drums help! Bands such as Disturbed, Korn, Rammsetein, All that Remains, Mastadon, Ghost, 30 Seconds to Mars, Arch Enemy, Avenged Sevenfold, Halestorm, and even Japanese metal such as Baby Metal, Maximum the Hormone, Band Maid, and DollBoxx, al make it into my rotation. So if you like to bang your head, look up my show on the schedule!

My second show “Melodic Grooves” is all about techno, dubstep, trance and related songs. it is much lighter than the Pit and will have you tapping your foot by the end of the first song!

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