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Written by on May 30, 2018

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Q&Q FEARLESS Theater Earns TWO Developmental Grants in a SINGLE MONTH !

The art of Live Animation is taking its place in the world of THEATER.

The first exciting event was when Linden Endowment for the Arts offered the Q&Q a Core Land Grant for development, testing and performance. The LEA Land Grant is a program to distribute 20 regions generously donated by Linden Lab. These regions are to be used to promote art and artistic endeavors in Second Life.

Q&Q has big plans for this grant. We will be busy there with our own productions of course, but that is not enough! We want to promote theatrical performance of ALL KINDS in Second Life. TO that end we are going to host the SECOND Festival Theatre Arts. During our grant we will host as many other performing groups as possible on the LEA land grant. We want to give visibility to performance, build audience interest, and create a broader cohort of performers.

The LEA Grant itself would be an enormous BOOST for any group, but that was ONLY the beginning!
Rising Sun Theater Laboratorium – a developmental theater project located on Governor’s Island in New York city – in the shadow of Broadway – has invited the Q&Q FEARLESS Theater to be an artist-in-residence in their space!

The Rising Sun Performance Company programs a Theatrical Artist Retreat & Residency in Nolan Park House 11. Over the course of the residency they host a different playwright and/or director to develop new play scripts and works in progress as well as site specific devised works.

For a week next October we will explore the ways to present our Live Animation performances to an audience that does not know or use Second Life. After the week of discussions, development and rehearsal we will perform LIVE at Governor’s Island National Park.

Over the next few months Second Life and the art of Live Animation are stepping out in ways nobody could have predicted when the Q&Q began 7 years ago but it is STILL only the beginning of an amazing future.

For more information or questions or to get involved – contact

Rose Artifex [therose Resident]

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