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The Village of Sais

Looking for a Gorean sim to call home?

A sim that aims to follow the writings of John Norman as close as possible?

Then why not come and visit the Village of Sais, which is celebrating 10 GORrious years in second life.

Sais is a village situated beside the Vosk River. Welcoming of all castes and slaves. Come, have a look at what Sais has to offer, stay at the inn, have a drink in the tavern, visit the market, or just laze in the baths. Sais has so much to offer those, looking for a Gorean Home.

So why not come visit the Village of Sais, where you will be assured a Gorean welcome.

The Village of Sais going strong since 2008

Visit in World Second Life

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  1. Hayanah   On   September 15, 2019 at 9:17 pm

    Sais is another Land that supports Market and Entertainer’s RP, a must-see please take the time to visit. Looking for a home this might be it.

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