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Svago is a small island out of the way of major trading routes on wider Thassa. Never much considered by seafarers, who tend to prefer the more direct routes to Cos and Tyros, it is a forgotten little gem, much out of the way of those that roam Gor for profit.

Svago has been operating as a Gorean role play sim since January 2016, with a small break during October for a revamp and the development of the new Gor Welcome Center. The vision of the sim owners, and a handful of dedicated friends and Goreans who share that vision, is for the Welcome Center to be a safe place that encourages those new to role play and new to Gor to learn about this exciting and culture-rich genre of role playing with easily accessible, accurate information as well as pointing out the most appropriate online resources to learn more outside of the secondlife platform. While reading some of the Gorean novels is always encouraged, for those that prefer to just jump right in, knowing where to find the right information quickly can really enhance the quality of your role play.

The role play environment, the village of Svago, has experienced Gorean role-players in some of the key roles, role-players that are willing to support and encourage everyone that comes through the port, from the brand new to those that have been role-playing for years in order to build and grow a diverse but strong community of players.

Svago is also home to the Teslik and siproot gorean medical school. The school has proudly promoted dozens of physicians over the past several years and many serve as head of castes or high in their castes through out gor.


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