Thorsvik / {TWC} Tuchuk Wagon Camp BtB Gor

Written by on September 7, 2019

The village of Thorsvik and The Tuchuk Wagon Camp is a unique place to be. We offer two very different sims, with two very different types of roleplay. The special thing about these places is the both of the them are seperated. Neither one is connected to the other in character. You have your choice of where to go and what to roleplay. Why two sims you ask? Well the answer is simple………..Why not.

First we have the northern village of Thorsvik. Northern BTB Gor Roleplay where you earn everything you want. You want to be a warrior or a metal worker or a baker earn it. We offer quality role play with all the alluring aspects of northern gor.

Secondly we have the Tuchuk Wagon Camp for a more relaxed way of life. SIt around with your fellow members and drink or go work in the plains and raise the bosk. THe choice is yours.

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