Tor-Tu-Gor Caravan

Written by on March 27, 2019

The Tor-Tu-Gor Caravan (Meaning Light Upon Gor)

We have a small Caravan HQ at the Kataii Camp.. This is for Caravan meetings and for Entertainers to come and practice. The Camp is right outside the Side Gates of Turia and in back of the Katatii Camp. Note all Merchants and Entertainers must asked permission from a Outrider to enter the Wagon Camp..For Turia you can enter in the Front Gates and exit from the Side Gate to enter the Caravan camp, Please contact Rea Stoneshield (reachtail Resident), if you would like info on Turia (recruiting) Come Visit.. Entertain and Trade !!

Basic Information about the Caravan, it is a roaming Market type RP. So we will have Merchants, Entertainers, Guards, and Physicians that Travel with us. We will follow the rules of the land that we Visits. Before entering the Land I will contact a person ((Contact person with that land about Meters and information they need to know about the Caravan RP.)) I’ll come to set up the area on Saturday if I can , I need to know where you would like us to set up. We welcome all, its nice to have your own Merchant’s , Entertainer’s and Guards for your Land at the Caravan.

Caravan Day and Times ((for the most part)) will be : Sundays ..3 pm slt to 5 pm slt the day and time.. this is not set in stone. So if it goes over that’s fine. As long there is RP going on. ((We want to have a fun RP ! )) If a Land needs a Saturday or Monday that can be worked out. Now for the Dull stuff and this will be discuss with the Land hosting the Caravan before it takes place.

We want to insure that our Caravan Members are safe , that does not mean there can’t be minor fights, brawls or even having some mis-content’s at the Caravan. (( this was suggested by Janus to make things interesting and a very good suggestion *smiles)). offenders will be caged.

At the end of the Caravan all the RP ends, that means people that where caged arr allowed to go ,unless they already had bribed, performed , or pick locked the cage door to get out *grins. Rp’ing it of course.

No Forced Collaring of the Free unless they summit by their own will.

Entertainers are protected by Musician’s Laws. We do have Kur guards and Musician they are peaceful and not to be Feared unless someone tries to attack an Entertainer or a Caravan Member. They are Hired by the Musicians of Gor as Guards. I wonder what it would feel like to be throw in a Cage by a Kur !! Yes the Kur can be Musicians ,since some do love music and dance.

Again all RP ends when the Caravan leaves. ((exception is if someone wants to continue a personal RP with another or group that’s up to them ..go for it

****Contact me if you are land that would like an Event thank you*** We are Recruiting people so if interested please contact me.

All can join the group ..and do come along with us !! part of the Musician of Gor Group. We will be Caravan Stops all over Gor, Its is a IC Merchant and/or Musician event, so lets have fun !! ** Note We will still do Tavern hops, and show events for the Musician of Gor.**

*Contact me if you are land that would like an Event thank you

We are Recruiting people so if interested please contact me all can join the group ..and do come along with us !!

Come for a visit all are welcome and Have fun !!!!
All we ask is that you follow the Rules at the Landing

Thank you
Hayanah Resident

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