Toros Landing

Written by on October 6, 2019

Greetings visitors and villagers!

We hope you enjoy the beauty of our small village. We are located on the Thassa Cartius river near the Treasure Road, south of Lake Ias. Look for the red dot on the map at the landing area.

We are not associated with any city nor do we follow their rules. Our primary interest is daily survival and life here centers around the simpler things of life. We are not here to see who has the bigger cock…we really don’t care how many books you read or what you think is in the books or isn’t in the books. We have a wide variety of RP here from relaxed to intense and dark rp, we encourage storyline. That said, HAVE FUN & RESPECT EACHOTHER, keep it gorean.

Toros Landing is ‘By The Book INSPIRED’
This means we do try to as close to the books as possible. Travelers and Merchants from anywhere, with a multitude of customs, dress, and habits visit our village, some even stay here and bring their culture with them. Through his books, John Norman has detailed life in a few locations, mostly the larger important cities but few villages are described. So …..

++++++ RULES ++++++

  1. HAVE FUN and RESPECT EACHOTHER. Every avatar here has a live human behind it and each of us deserves compassion and respect. Non-consensual capture, collaring or violence is not tolerated. Any form of consensual Gorean roleplay between adults is permitted.
  2. We are gorean but this ain’t the glorious city of Ar, veils are optional not a requirement. We are goreans but expect to see the various clothing styles, different foods, odd customs and things never seen where you grew up.
  3. If you want to take on a role with responsibility such as HOC, slaver, tavern master etc you will be held to a higher standard than the common villager.
  4. BIG RULE – If it ain’t gorean don’t do it here. If you don’t know if it is or not, ask someone or read a few of the books. Here is a wonderful resource.


Violations of the rules above can be reported to the Admin.

Admin – Kinga.Svarog

NOTE – In the rare event that the Admin is unavailable, report violations to the Owners

Owner – Trew Czartza
Owner – Iniya (caitriona.eyre)

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