Twilight Zone

Written by on March 27, 2019

Feature of the Land are:
RP Areas
A small Wagon Camp
A small Pani Area/with Larl caves.
((Note this is relaxes RP please respect other RP styles and since there really is no BTB in these area we would expect you to follow the spirit of the Books, RP is suppose to be fun and creative. We do ask if you in the RP area to stay in your chosen Role.
There are other area on the Land you can go to if you need to go ooc. Or if its RL issues just tell all and TP out *grins
Any problems with RP just go to the Music Forest and discuss it ooc with all involved. I can help if it get out of hand but it might mean a Time Out !!
((Zcs Meter is available but this is only if you want to spar, this is a no Raid Land))

RP optional Area
Musician of Gor/Tavern Hopper ((MOG/TH)) Area.

OOC Area:
The Mansion
The Lounge ((in the Mansion))
The Starlite Dance Area
2 Just for Fun areas
Zombies !!! ((using the Grim Combat system))

Visit in World

Come for a visit all are welcome and Have fun !!!!
All we ask is that you follow the Rules at the Landing

Thank you
Hayanah Resident

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