Become a Loyal Listener

Do you listen to WHIP Radio? Apply for Loyal Listener!

Thank you for choosing our station for your musical entertainment.

Twenty-one Paid Sponsor spots are available payable at our inworld Headquarters. These are a first come first serve.

Loyal Listener – Free! Let us help promote your sim!

Available at no cost to any Sim, Store or Individual that promises to stream the WHIP on the lands in Second Life! Give us your information and we will add you to our Loyal Listener Page at This includes a texture of your choice, an SURL transporting visitors directly to your in world location, contact information and a description of your group. You have the option to book events for a live broadcast, sponsor a CME concert on your sim and roaming Live DJ’s to further promote your sim, RP, store etc. (Please note our Basic level does not include advertisement)

Loyal Listener Sponsor- Upgrade (2,500 L per month)

All Basic level services plus: Custom recorded advertisement that will cycle on air multiple times a day, Priority on dates for events and Extra advertisement for upcoming events!

**Specialized Advertisement requires 30 day notification of event.

Advertisement will include a special ad made to be played during the time of your event (up to one month). This ad will be played in conjunction with your normal ad for that time period. You will also have at least one live show scheduled for live coverage by a DJ of the WHIP to help promote your event. More can be arranged with proper notification and planning.

It also includes website page just for your organization that can display most anything you wish to add to it such as social media links, referral back to your site, a player so viewers may listen to your radio spot, contact information and more!

Note: The Premium upgrade with the Whip does not require that your sim stream the WHIP. If you wish to have an ad with us played regularly you would just pay the upgraded cost.

How to enroll

Submit the form below and a staff member will then contact within 48 hours and take down what is needed to finalize the setup and give you station marketing resources,

enter your Second Life URL

enter short description of sponsor

upload an image representing you.