Grand Opening of the new Geela Island

Event: Grand Opening of the new Geela Island
Description: To celebrate the official opening of the newly rebuilt Geela Island.
Start Date: July 30, 2023 10:00 am | End Date: July 30, 2023 12:00 pm
Contact: Jovan ( J Mayoral)
Assigned Broadcaster: Jay Sparrowtree

We are inviting everyone on Gor to come and help us officially open our newly re-built Geela Island. Our wonderful city is not only visually pleasing and in my opinion one of the best built cities in, but, our citizens and active role players are as warm and friendly as anyone on Gor. We want you all to join us in celebrating and maybe stay a while, or simply have a look around the city. So please come and join us this Sunday 30th July, from about 10 am SLT on see what we’re all about. Hope to see you there.

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