Meet the Staff

Black Ort

Nick Name:
Role(s): Broadcaster
Joined Date: January 1, 2012
About: Black ort - master of all who dare to kneel at his feet. Do you dare face the sting of his whip?


Nick Name:
Role(s): Broadcaster
Joined Date: May 15, 2023
About: Aidan is a Live mixer and aspiring rockstar in SL and Gor. He is a proud Northern Sim Owner and loves amazing RP. come jam and cut loose!!!


Nick Name: PΛПD0ЯΛ
Role(s): Support Staff
Joined Date: May 19, 2023
About: I am a fun loving easy going single mom. Work hard and play harder. I have been around Gor now for 16 years and have played just about every role. I enjoy many hobbies such as roller derby, dancing, video games, gardening, swimming, anything to do with my kids. Background in Paramedicine search and rescue/…

亗 DJ ÐЄŃŃiŞ 亗 (dennis.huntsman):

Nick Name: Dennis
Role(s): Broadcaster
Joined Date: May 16, 2023
About: I have been DJing for 2½ years. I do various genres including Blues, House, Classic Rock, R&B and Soul, 60s, 70s, and 80s

Gia Ricci

Nick Name: Gia
Role(s): Broadcaster
Joined Date: May 4, 2023
About: I have been in Gor for 17 years and have always been a Physician. I have deejay-ed at different clubs in sl and also been in DFS for 3 years. My genre is anything that calls to me...I love Country, blues, pop, and love songs.


Nick Name: Bluesaint
Role(s): Broadcaster
Joined Date:
About: Ordinary Dj, with a great mix of Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, Mash-Ups, Alternative, with occasional doses of Punk and Ska. An over-under-sideways-down with good times and good music.