Meet the Staff

Growing Desire

Nick Name: Consuela Blanche (DJ LaLa)
Role(s): Broadcaster
Joined Date: March 19, 2023
About: I have been in SL since 2007 and done a variety of things. I have DJed in SL before and worked at Exhale, Crashed, and Secrets. I have DJed for special events at the Monarchy, cheerleaders, dance troupes, and fashion shows. Currently I am the resident DJ of Genesian Port and their Head of Caste…


Nick Name:
Role(s): Broadcaster
Joined Date:
About: im a firey red hot red head who likes to bring the heat when it comes to djing

Arhyia Jewel

Nick Name: Jewel
Role(s): Host/Hostess
Joined Date: November 1, 2022
About: A fifteen-year Second Life veteran. I do many things within Second Life from helping out my friends at the Whip to creating many different things for others. Normally I am shy and often quiet, that is until Ki gets hold of me and makes me do dares!

Rowan Skydancer

Nick Name: DJ Rowan
Role(s): Broadcaster
Joined Date: July 1, 2022
About: DJ Rowan, in Gor RP, is owned by Avaldi Skydancer, Shipwright of the City of Olni.She owns and runs the dance troupe "Dance Divas of Olni"

Lucy Bronet

Nick Name: Lucy
Role(s): Broadcaster
Joined Date:
About: Lucy has been with WHIP forever! Well, a very long time anyway. On Friday evenings you can listen as she reads from the novels of Gor. Being an established figure in SL Gor since 2009, she started out by reading via voice on SL to her own city

chano burner

Nick Name: DJ White Dove
Role(s): Broadcaster
Joined Date:
About: I am the kicking Classics Country DJ on Thursdays from 6-8 pm slt. I play Country Music Old, New and from around the world, I have been djing in sl for 5 years. I live in the great state Of Colorado. I have been in SL for 14 years.