Set Report by Sponsor Visits
SponsorParcel NameContact NameNumber of SetsLast DJLast Visit
City of VarnVarn - Your Next Gorean Home (Must be age verified)Hisense Criss7Hayanah Resident2023-05-24 16:00:16
Woods of Clearchus****Sa San Tu Panthers (BTB) - Woods of Clearchus****AinsleyCarter Resident3Jewel Aurelia2023-05-20 18:01:45
City of Port OlniCity of Port OlniLucy Bronet3Spiffy Voxel2023-05-20 10:01:29
Wagons of the ParavaciWagons of the ParavaciWolfe Blackheart3inuyashafan4 Resident2023-05-30 16:00:17
VennaCity of Venna OPEN! Come play with us! BC MA Conrad -MB- HQMarylin Breen3Arturius Elan2023-05-22 10:01:27
Multiverse MoviesSolaris Base StationStarwolf2000 Resident3Spiffy Voxel2023-05-04 10:59:00
Gone Girls MarketGone Girls Tropical Island RetreatArturius Elan2KimiLotus Resident2023-05-14 09:56:50
The Twilight Zone^^The Twilight Zone^^hayanah resident2Spiffy Voxel2023-05-29 13:49:09
Gorean UniversityGorean UniversityBlack Ort2inuyashafan4 Resident2023-05-11 09:36:14
Galaxy CommandUFP Galaxy CommandRamius Easterwood2Ramius Easterwood2023-05-28 10:05:15
Telnus*** Isle of Cos~ City of Telnus *** Begin Anew Here.....Wicked Shenanigans2inuyashafan4 Resident2023-05-01 11:08:00
City of LydiusCity of Lydius (GOR BTB)- Recruiting All Castes - No RaidsDaphneeMaya Resident2Jewel Aurelia2023-05-06 09:02:00
TuriaGrand City of Turia, AR of the South (BTB Gor Old School)Bounty Silversmith1Jay Sparrowtree2023-05-18 14:00:02
Brundisium City<[ Brundisium ]> Come write your story with us!DLMiksch Resident1Growing Desire2023-04-22 15:04:00
Port UAPort UA {HoK}Alaisdair Resident1Jay Sparrowtree2023-05-11 14:00:30
Thentis*** CITY OF THENTIS *** - By The SwordHenrius Corvinus1SweetSorrowsOne Resident2023-05-04 09:02:00
The Central FireCentral FireLyricNox Resident1inuyashafan4 Resident2023-05-11 09:05:57
Genesian Port{ GENESIAN PORT } Build Your Story. New Slave Houses!!Alarica Lutrova1Khepi Silvius2023-04-29 13:01:00
SL Colonies--==[SL Colonies]==-- MAIN STOREAttila Katana1inuyashafan4 Resident2023-05-11 10:07:15