Set Report by Sponsor Visits
SponsorParcel NameContact NameNumber of SetsLast DJLast Visit
City of VarnVarn - Your Next Gorean Home (Must be age verified)Hisense Criss8inuyashafan4 Resident2023-11-29 16:00:30
Weltenville City Weltenville CityGeno Lupindo8Irish Breen2023-11-27 12:01:36
The Lost City( [ { T H E L O S T C I T Y Earth Acquisition } ] )Pagan Darkheart5Lynkz Resident2023-11-29 12:24:38
Fantasy Rentals! Fantasy Rentals - Rent Skybox, Land, Parcel, Houses BDSMAnneliese Wolfenhaut5Jewel Aurelia2023-11-21 14:00:14
City of Port OlniCity of Port OlniLucy Bronet4Jay Sparrowtree2023-11-26 10:05:53
Woods of Clearchus***Woods of Clearchus - Home of Sa San Tu Panthers***AinsleyCarter Resident4Dennis Huntsman2023-11-28 13:58:40
Tenebris **Requiem by night** TENEBRIS CHRONICLE 1**NOW RECRUITING-RPGyrefalconn resident4Lynkz Resident2023-12-01 14:09:06
Isle of HunjerRP AREA CLOSED [Isle of Hunjer] Sky ArenaWolfBlackstorms Resident3Jewel Aurelia2023-12-01 11:55:33
City of LaraCity of Lara.The Gorean JewelKitBoggan resident3Dennis Huntsman2023-11-19 14:41:28
GeelaGeela IslandEsclados Resident2Spiffy Voxel2023-11-03 09:59:07
SolarisSolaris Base StationTrithonofBorg Resident2Spiffy Voxel2023-11-18 02:57:12
HeimFjord VillageHeimFjord Village *Roleplay like Old days!* DaphneeMaya Resident2Jewel Aurelia2023-11-19 10:01:03
The Twilight Zone^^The Twilight Zone^^hayanah resident2Spiffy Voxel2023-11-24 12:00:00
Gorean UniversityGorean UniversityBlack Ort2Black Ort2023-11-23 14:01:37
Telnus*** Isle of Cos~CITY OF T E L N U S ***Wicked Shenanigans1Dennis Huntsman2023-10-27 09:59:51
SL ColoniesSL Colonies EmporiumAttila Katana1SweetSorrowsOne Resident2023-10-21 10:00:13
Galaxy CommandUFP Galaxy CommandRamius Easterwood1inuyashafan4 Resident2023-11-23 11:59:06