Geela Island

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Sponsor Level: Silver
Sponsor Type(s); Role Play Sim
Contact: Jovan ( Esclados) and Lady Skylar Courtenay ( skylarr16)
Geela Island is an exchange island and city located south of Telnus and Tabor, and on the western edge of the Thassa. We welcome all, new and old role players, all we ask is to dress and be gorean, and role play. Let's build stories together, and have fun.

Geela Island situated in Thassa, an exchange island, or free island. It is south of Teletus and Tabor. Also further west.
Gor, gorean,Trade, Auctions, Master, Mistress, Warrior, ZCS, Role play, kajira, slave, collar, Raids, Mod/Adult, BTB Gor.
Gorean/medieval clothes must be worn to RP here.

zCS meter must be worn for RP here please.
OOC is ok if you’re new or just want to have a look, but please do not RP in OOC, or interrupt role players.
There are NO tours here, you’re welcome to trade and look about.
City owned slaves do not kneel about in Geela, they have chores, unless serving, or told to by a Free.
Free women please be mindful this is a gorean city, do you have an escort ? (RP one if not). Geela respects the caste’s under travel laws.
War is rare, raids existed in Gor, keep it realistic and have a reason for fighting, but please raid only when ratio is equal. 1-1.male only.
Punishments for breaking the law is harsh, slaves who run away will be severely punished.
Nasty emotes, these will not be tolerated, it’s not Gorean and your just having a bad day, you will be told don’t emote nasty thoughts once, then a ban if you continue.
All housing is free for residents/50prims. All we ask for is RP in return.
No more rules the city is for medieval RP, Keep it Gorean. Have fun..Visit Geela Island in Second Life