Oasis of Tashid

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Oasis of Tashid, on the far eastern edge of the Tahari. We are a small peaceful village for those who like the Desert regions of Gor.

We are as far south as it gets. its almost another culture very conservative, where sands can reach 140 degrees F at noon which burns tender skin so everyone is required to wear foot gear. The men of the Tashid are Gorean men, there is tribal warfare to keep things from being dull. We, Tashid are Neutral for we are merchants and we accept gold from everyone. Women will need to wear veils and head coverings to keep sand out of their hair and faces. Some people come OOC and we’re glad with that all we ask is no griefers or haters.. we love everyone and are always opened for some roleplay from where-ever you travel from. because of Where we are, we have a small farm up in the mountains so you can go there to get cool. Don’t worry Slaves… here slaves do not normally kneel out of doors in the Tahari unless under punishment as the sands will cook you. Be sure  carry your own water and if you run out you got 3 days till your toasted.