Port Olni

City of Port Olni
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~~Welcome to Port Olni~~ -The sim is a privately owned, Gorean role play sim. -Please read our rule

~~Welcome to Port Olni~~

-The civil laws and rules of Olni extend from the landing ship, throughout the city and territories of Olni. This includes Olni Shores, Olni Var, the city and docks.
-There is a 5 minute “rez” time allowed at the landing ship.
-There are two governing sets of rules for Port Olni, these are the sim rules and the laws of the city.

-Sim rules apply to out of character (OOC) events and laws to in character (IC) events.
-Rules are enforced by sim moderators and are appealed to the sim owners. The rules are not open to debate or discussion and are completely the decision of the sim owners. Failure to abide by these rules will result in warning, ejection and possible banning.

-The laws of the city are IC based on known Gorean laws as described in the novels.
-These laws are adapted for the city itself and apply to all characters within the applicable jurisdictions. Note that these laws may not be exactly as described in the novels, as is the right of any city, they have been adapted to best suit the population at hand.
-City laws are enforced by the warrior caste and the Magistrates and are appealed to the High Magistrate and then the Ubar.

-The ordinance document lays out Olni council procedures, extra ordinances (fc rules, caste change, slave release, kajirus and slave statuses) and a decree regarding Caste membership.