Sable Onyx

Entered on: May 16, 2024 | By: admin
Sponsor Level: Basic
Sponsor Type(s); Adult Sim, Role Play Sim
Contact: Sable Onyx
Sable Onyx is the Za'eema of Oasis of Nizaar, eldest of the Nizaar's living relatives.

Sable Onyx is a ooc builder, and sim designer, and enjoys making Role-Play places for people to enjoy and roleplay at. Whether it is Gor, Game of Thrones, or other places of Roleplay. She works with a team of people that have joined her once more at one of her places of RP. Sable is a decorator, and sim developer. She has worked at Professional Estates as a Regional Director, and has Estate Managerial knowledge in running estates. Sable Onyx is a professional Administrator, and has compiled a group of other administrators that she works with to keep things ‘cool’ at a rp.