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The beautiful village of Skol, nestled amongst snow-capped Hrimgar mountains and kissed by the icy northern seas. Where Serpents drop visitors from far and wide to embrace the warmth of Northern Hospitality or test the might of its steel.

Welcome to Skol!

The beautiful village of Skol, nestled in the icy valleys of the Hrimgar Mountains, is home to the rugged Free of the North. Open for trade and welcoming new villagers. Our village and family members span the globe including people from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the US. You are bound to find someone to enjoy your story with. We are here to help your story grow!

Are you a talented brewer of mead? A Boat smith? A fisheman or woman? Whatever your background, there is always work to be done in Skol.

Animals are also welcome as long as they stick to their role and don’t try to speak like a human or anything along those lines. Realism is key!

Current Storyline:

Winter was harsh in the mountains this season, the snow heavy and blanketing it in a layer of white that was so thick you could barely see when you walked. This wouldn’t stop the war. Destined to fight for both survival and power, the village would band together, taking each city by storm. Intent on stopping the war the South would push through the frozen wastelands, finding themselves met with the Northern Rage. Back and forth it would go, as the men of Skol worked from village to village creating a mass of alliances with the intention of taking on the South and proving once and for all that the North will reign over all.

Now that spring had arrived, what new developments would there be? Who would the reopening trade routes bring our way?

Come be a part of the story….and again, Welcome to Skol!