Taharian Dreams

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We are a group of Gorean slaves that have a passion for dance and expressing our love to serve through dance.

The Taharian Dreams, a Gorean dance troupe nestled in the heart of the Oasis of Sahkar, showcase their creativity and passion for dance with every performance. As they continue to grow, their vision extends beyond their home venue, aiming to grace other stages with their enchanting dances through both solo and group performances. The Taharian Dreams welcome individuals from all communities to join the troupe, citizenship at The Oasis of Sahkar SIM is not a requirement.

The Taharian Dreams welcome members from all corners of Gor who have the dedication and commitment to invest in sharing their creative visions and seeing them come to life. Understanding the global nature of the Gorean community, the Taharian Dreams strive to accommodate different time zones to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate and learn.

The Taharian Dreams foster a welcoming environment where dancers of all skill levels are encouraged to learn and flourish. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting your dance journey, they offer classes and individualized instruction to help you craft your own dances through mastering the dance system. If you’re looking to showcase your talents or expand your dance skills, you’ll find a supportive and nurturing environment where dancers can come together to share their love of dance.