The Isle of Hunjer Outpost

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Sponsor Level: Basic
Sponsor Type(s); Role Play Sim
Contact: Cohanna
The Isle of Hunjer Outpost is a Shores of the Thassa Gorean Continent member, which includes 15 Gorean roleplay sims that span Torvaldsland, Northern Forest, and the grand cities of Southern Gor.

Looking for a home immersed in the culture and
traditions of Torvaldsland? A place for good hard
northern roleplay and creative storylines? Come
be a part of our growing community!

The Isle of Hunjer Outpost is a northern tradepost
located in the south sea, off the coast of the Genesian
Road, run by strong Marauders of Torvaldsland; who
feast and pillage while protecting what is theirs. Where
proud and hardworking northern women tend to home
and hearth while plying their trades and wares.
Slavery is brutal and unforgiving, but northern
slaves are lively and daring in their bondage.

Some Southerners have found a new start
for themselves, bringing much-needed skills
and trades to the Outpost. Earning the Torvaldslander’s
trust and a place among them. After all, the Outpost is a
place to begin again, to make a name for yourself.