The Road

Entered on: November 23, 2022 | By: admin
Sponsor Level: Paid
Sponsor Type(s); Role Play Sim
Contact: Arhyia Jewell
The Road, where one can get lost in their travels from the Sadar mountain to the borderlands of the Torvaldsland regions. Vast forests, hidden mines, and undergrounds among the old ruins of a city long gone. There one might find a small village struggling to become more. Some come to start over, some come to…

The Road is the brainchild of two creators who have not lost their love of fantasy role-play or fun. The Road is a multi-level sim with many areas to discover. The forest is the ground level and where one enters the role-play areas. From there one can explore to find hidden caves and mines or secluded areas to make camp in their travels. One can even find their way to the village which is on another level that one can transition to via SL experiences. On the village/outpost level are yet more areas to discover. There is an exchange point where it is reported that panther girls and other outlaws can safely make deals with others. There is also a small logging camp hidden in among the trees. Explore further and one might find the village itself, complete with small farmlands. Or one might get brave enough to explore the ruins of a city long gone, with part of it sunken into a swamp. It is also reported that hidden among the ruins is the entrance into tunnels that were once used by an outlaw group now long gone.

If role-play is not your cup of tea, The Road is also home to the Digital Dolls Creation main store, where one can find many role-play items. It is also the sole location for the Digital Dolls Club where anyone is welcome to come to relax and listen to the tunes spun by the Whip.