Black Ort

Role(s): Broadcaster
Nick Name:
Date Joined: January 1, 2012
Facebook: Soundcloud: Twitter:
Brief About: Black ort - master of all who dare to kneel at his feet. Do you dare face the sting of his whip?

The Ort Cloud and Black Ort’s Master’s Round Table at the Gorean University.

The Ort Cloud is the preshow for Black Ort’s Master’s round table. All are welcome during this out of character time to come and participate.

Black Ort’s Master’s Round Table is the longest running and no 1 show on the Whip. Started circa 2008 when Black Ort started the Gorean University, he has been hosting his round table since before the Whip even began.

Black Ort is a man of honour and integrity. Patient beyond belief, time at his feet is one of the best ways to learn how to serve and rp in Second Life and Gor. He is firm and strict even as he instructs any students no matter their station on the intricacies of Gorean roleplay and Second Life.

io Cloud, Black Ort’s partner in both lives, sets the playlists and runs the contest during the Ort Cloud and intermission. She offers the feminine view of Gor during Black Ort’s Master’s Round Table. She’s the gentlest free women you will ever meet.