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Written by on December 20, 2018

Ko-Ro-Ba  Gorean Towers of the Morning

The objective of the Gorean Dance Classes at the Ko-ro-ba Academy is to educate, explore, and encourage kajira to explore the art and beauty of this fundamental service of a slave in the Gorean realms. Through dance, a slave can be profoundly express the servitude and passion to surrender in Gor. The possibilities to serve for the pleasure of the Free is limitless…

This class meets once a week at the Ko-ro-ba Academy and will cover the expanse of approximately 16 to 24 weeks to cover the following four segments:

Preliminary Dance Course:
The goal of this course is to learn the purpose and focus of Gorean slave dancing. We will study dances from the books and gain knowledge of a variety of dances, descriptive writing techniques, and how to express the written words in relation to dance animations.

Beginner Dance Course:
The objective of this course is to learn to be able to write a pre-written book dance to music and animations. We will select dances from the books and create dances in those forms. We’ll go over editing techniques, explore different writing styles, and discuss written dance structuring.

Intermediate Gorean Dance – Competitions:
This class is designed to cover Online Gorean Dance Competitions and Exhibitions. We will use the skills learned in the previous two segments to create, animate, and perform a Gorean themed dance for a competition and/or exhibition. We’ll experience and discuss props, animating, timing and judging of pre-written dances.

Advanced Gorean Dance – Impromptu Dancing:
During this course, we will learn to write impromptu dances without restriction and to learn to express yourself and incorporate animations into your performances. It will cover tavern dancing as well as impromptu dance competitions.


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